Bladder cancers arise from distinct urothelial sub-populations

  title={Bladder cancers arise from distinct urothelial sub-populations},
  author={Jason P. Van Batavia and Tammer Yamany and Andrei Molotkov and Hanbin Dan and Mahesh M. Mansukhani and Ekaterina Batourina and Kerry Schneider and Daniel E. Oyon and Mark Dunlop and Xue-Ru Wu and Carlos Cordon-Cardo and Cathy Mendelsohn},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in humans. This heterogeneous set of lesions including urothelial carcinoma (Uca) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) arise from the urothelium, a stratified epithelium composed of K5-expressing basal cells, intermediate cells and umbrella cells. Superficial Uca lesions are morphologically distinct and exhibit different clinical behaviours: carcinoma in situ (CIS) is a flat aggressive lesion, whereas papillary carcinomas are generally low-grade and… CONTINUE READING