Black strings and p-branes

  title={Black strings and p-branes},
  author={Gary T. Horowitz and Andrew Strominger},
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The fundamental non-critical string

The heterotic string is a soliton

Perturbations of black p-branes

We consider black p-brane solutions of the low-energy string action, computing scalar perturbations. Using standard methods, we derive the wave equations obeyed by the perturbations and treat them

Black strings in (4+1)-dimensional Einstein-Yang-Mills theory

We study two classes of static uniform black string solutions in a (4+1)-dimensional SU(2) Einstein-Yang-Mills model. These configurations possess a regular event horizon and correspond in a

Black string solutions with negative cosmological constant

We present arguments for the existence of new black string solutions with negative cosmological constant. These higher-dimensional configurations have no dependence on the `compact' extra dimension,



Charged black holes in string theory.

A family of solutions to low-energy string theory representing static, spherically symmetric charged black holes is described, and the extremal charged "black holes" are found to be geodesically complete spacetimes with no event horizons and no singularities.

Are there topological black-hole solitons in string theory?

We point out that the celebrated Hawking effect of quantum instability of black holes seems to be a purely semiclassical but nonperturbative effect in string theory. Studying quantum dynamics of

Axionic black holes and an Aharonov-Bohm effect for strings.

It is shown that a black hole of fixed mass can carry arbitrary axionic charge and it is argued that the existence of axion charge may play a significant role in the late stages of black-hole evaporation.