Black holes with vector hair

  title={Black holes with vector hair},
  author={Zhong Fan},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
  • Z. Fan
  • Published 2 June 2016
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
A bstractIn this paper, we consider Einstein gravity coupled to a vector field, either minimally or non-minimally, together with a vector potential of the type V=2Λ0+12m2A2+γ4A4$$ V = 2{\varLambda}_0+\frac{1}{2}{m}^2{A}^2 + {\gamma}_4{A}^4 $$. For a simpler non-minimally coupled theory with Λ0 = m = γ4 = 0, we obtain both extremal and non-extremal black hole solutions that are asymptotic to Minkowski space-times. We study the global properties of the solutions and derive the first law of… 
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  • Wald
  • Mathematics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1993
The results show that the validity of the "second law" of black hole mechanics in dynamical evolution from an initially stationary black hole to a final stationary state is equivalent to the positivity of a total Noether flux, and thus may be intimately related to the positive energy properties of the theory.
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The maximal ADM mass for (mini-)boson stars (BSs) -- gravitating solitons of Einstein's gravity minimally coupled to a free, complex, mass $\mu$, Klein-Gordon field -- is $M_{\rm ADM}^{\rm max}\sim