Black holes

  title={Black holes},
  author={Teviet Creighton and Richard H. Price},
Black holes are among the most intriguing objects in modern physics. Their influence ranges from powering quasars and other active galactic nuclei, to providing key insights into quantum gravity. We review the observational evidence for black holes, and briefly discuss some of their properties. We also describe some recent developments involving cosmic censorship and the statistical origin of black hole entropy. 
Black holes: Close to the ultimate discovery
The present situation in the study of black holes is described. Currently, scientists have little doubt about their existence, and the launch of the Russian Radioastron radio interferometer gives
In this thesis, aspects of the physics of black holes are reviewed and new results in black hole thermodynamics are presented. First, general black hole solutions of Einstein’s equations of general
Gravitational lensing by a regular black hole
In this paper, we study a regular Bardeen black hole as a gravitational lens. We find the strong deflection limit for the deflection angle, from which we obtain the positions and magnifications of
We review the consequences of the growth and evolution of black holes (BHs) for the distribution of stars and dark matter (DM) around them. We focus in particular on supermassive and intermediate
Extremal black holes in supergravity
We present the main features of the physics of extremal black holes embedded in supersymmetric theories of gravitation, with a detailed analysis of the attractor mechanism for BPS and non-BPS
Shadow cast by rotating braneworld black holes with a cosmological constant
In this article, we study the shadow produced by rotating black holes having a tidal charge in a Randall–Sundrum braneworld model, with a cosmological constant. We obtain the apparent shape and the
Black Holes, Cosmology and Extra Dimensions
Modern Views of Gravitation and Cosmology. A Brief Essay Fundamentals of General Relativity Spherically Symmetric Space-Times. Black Holes Black Holes Under More General Conditions Wormholes
On the use of black hole binaries as probes of local dark energy properties
Accretion of dark energy onto black holes will take place when dark energy is not a cosmological constant. It has been proposed that the time evolution of the mass of the black holes in binary
Probing strong-field gravity and black holes with gravitational waves
Gravitational wave observations will be excellent tools for making precise measurements of processes that occur in very strong-field regions of spacetime. Extreme mass ratio systems, formed by the
Possible imprints of cosmic strings in the shadows of galactic black holes
We examine the shadow cast by a Kerr black hole pierced by a cosmic string. The observable images depend not only on the black hole spin parameter and the angle of inclination, but also on the


Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars: The Physics of Compact Objects
Stuart L Shapiro and Saul A Teukolsky 1983 Chichester: John Wiley xvii + 645 pp price £37.95 (£20.45 paperback) ISBN 0 471 87317 9 Hdbk, 0 471 87316 0 Pbk No physics course is really complete without
The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time
The theory of the causal structure of a general space-time is developed, and is used to study black holes and to prove a number of theorems establishing the inevitability of singualarities under certain conditions.
General theory of elastic stability
Some general topics in elastic stability are discussed. In particular, attention is given to the relationship between adjacent-equilibrium-position and energy techniques, to the effects of
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