Black holes, black rings and their microstates

  title={Black holes, black rings and their microstates},
  author={Iosif Bena and Nicholas P. Warner},
  journal={Lecture Notes in Physics},
In this review article, we describe some of the recent progress towards the construction and analysis of three-charge configurations in string theory and supergravity. We begin by describing the Born-Infeld construction of three-charge supertubes with two dipole charges and then discuss the general method of constructing three-charge solutions in five dimensions. We explain in detail the use of these methods to construct black rings, black holes, as well as smooth microstate geometries with… 
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We construct the first family of horizonless supergravity solutions that have the same mass, charges, and angular momenta as general supersymmetric rotating D1-D5-P black holes in five dimensions.
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We review recent developments in understanding quantum/string corrections to BPS black holes and strings in five-dimensional supergravity. These objects are solutions to the effective action obtained
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New decoupling limits in which the field theory of the lightest open strings on the D-branes becomes dual to a near-horizon region of the black hole geometry and a string theoretic resolution of these singularities are suggested.
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A bstractNew families of BPS black ring solutions with four electric and four dipole magnetic charges have recently been explicitly constructed and uplifted to M-theory. These solutions were found to


Black Rings, Supertubes, and a Stringy Resolution of Black Hole Non-Uniqueness
In order to address the issues raised by the recent discovery of non-uniqueness of black holes in five dimensions, we construct a solution of string theory at low energies describing a
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A microscopic description of the rings in the orbifold CFT governing the D1-D5-P system is proposed, which effectively splits into two parts: one part captures the supertube-like properties of the ring, and the other captures the entropy.
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We study phases of five-dimensional three-charge black holes with a circle in their transverse space. In particular, when the black hole is localized on the circle we compute the corrections to the
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We construct finite size, supersymmetric, tubular D-brane configurations with three charges, two angular momenta and several brane dipole moments. In type IIA string theory these are tubular
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We construct all eleven-dimensional, three-charge BPS solutions that preserve a fixed, standard set of supersymmetries. Our solutions include all BPS three-charge rotating black holes, black rings,
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We construct the large radius limit of the metric of three-charge supertubes and three-charge BPS black rings by using the fact that supertubes preserve the same supersymmetries as their component
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We propose that every supersymmetric four dimensional black hole of finite area can be split up into microstates made up of primitive half-BPS ``atoms''. The mutual non-locality of the charges of
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We present supergravity solutions for $1/8$-supersymmetric black supertubes with three charges and three dipoles. Their reduction to five dimensions yields supersymmetric black rings with regular
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