Black conservatism in America

  title={Black conservatism in America},
  author={A. Kelsey Lewis},
  journal={Journal of African American Studies},
  • A. K. Lewis
  • Published 1 March 2005
  • History
  • Journal of African American Studies
Current discussions about black conservatism lack historical perspective. They assume that conservatism in the black community is a new phenomenon. However, this assumption ignores a large literature that discusses the history of blacks and the political thought of major black intellectuals who espouse a conservative ideology. This research seeks to fill the gaps left by previous research by discussing the development of black conservative political thought. It also seeks to find out if… 
The Faith of Black Politics: The Relationship Between Black Religious and Political Beliefs
Scholars argue that the Black church produces religious messages that foster racial cohesion; however, recent examinations of Black religion note the heterogeneity of the messages and beliefs
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Self-help has been a central feature of African Americans’ response to the historically limited opportunities faced by blacks in their efforts to become fully functioning American citizens since the
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The 1982 Voting Rights Act Extension as a “Critical Juncture”: Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, and Republican Party-Building
  • Richard Johnson
  • Political Science, History
    Studies in American Political Development
  • 2021
Abstract Republican support for the 1982 Voting Rights Act (VRA) extension is a puzzle for scholars of racial policy coalitions. The extension contained provisions that were manifestly antithetical
The Effect of Colorblind Racial Ideology on Discussion of Racial Events: An Examination of Responses to the News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Shooting
This study explores how participants respond to news coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting based on their colorblind racial attitudes. The purpose of this study is to understand how people's
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In recent years, the right has become a powerful force in many parts of the world. This review focuses primarily on the United States, with comparisons to rightist movements elsewhere. Our focus is
'Bootstraps' or 'Helping Hand:' An Exploration of the Relationship between Economic Stratification among Black Americans and Their Racial Attitudes toward Merit-Based Opportunities and Affirmative Action
‘Bootstraps’ or ‘Helping Hand:’ An Exploration of the Relationship between Economic Stratification among Black Americans and Their Racial Attitudes toward Merit-Based Opportunities and Affirmative
Interactive Framing Dynamics and Ideological Boundaries in the American Abortion Debate
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. August 2015. Major: Sociology. Advisors: Lisa Park, Teresa Swartz. 1 computer file (PDF); I, 255 pages.


Race and Ideology: A Research Note Measuring Liberalism and Conservatism in Black America.
THE HISTORY OF MASS BLACK OPINION is noted for its liberal, not conservative, ideology and policy preferences.' With the advent of the Reagan Administration, however, there has been considerable
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