Black Visions: The Roots of Contemporary African-American Political Ideologies

  title={Black Visions: The Roots of Contemporary African-American Political Ideologies},
  author={Michael C. Dawson},
In this work, Michael C. Dawson brings us the most comprehensive analysis to date of the complex relationship of black political thought to black political identity and behaviour. Combining an historical perspective with conceptual sophistication and empirical evidence, Dawson identifies which political ideologies are supported by blacks, then traces their historical roots and examines their effects on black public opinion, not only among intellectuals and activists, but also at the grassroots… 

The Four Histories of Black Power: The Black Nationalist Sector and Its Impact on American Society

Interest in the Black Power movement and its various political, social, and cultural organizations remains high among scholars and members of the Black community. Scholarship on these organizations

Marxism, Memory, and the Black Radical Tradition: Introduction to Volume 13

Black political culture in the United States during the 19th century was divided between integrationist and black nationalist ideology. Following Reconstruction, however, a third political tradition

A Liberal Defense of Black Nationalism

  • A. Valls
  • Sociology
    American Political Science Review
  • 2010
This article brings together work on liberal political theory and black nationalism in an attempt to both strengthen the case for black nationalism and enrich and extend liberal theory. I begin by

A Dream and a Bus: Black Critical Patriotism in Elementary Social Studies Standards

Abstract Extant conceptions of patriotism in social studies curricula are centered upon blind allegiance to the state or a belief in ideals of a liberal democracy. Yet these conceptions fail to

Unreconciled strivings and warring ideals: the complexities of competing African-American political identities

Although much has been written about the diversity of black political opinions, less research has addressed the fact that blacks often have multiple social identities that they utilize in viewing the

Black Political Ideologies: Conceptions of African-American Subjugation and Social Welfare Policy Intervention

Social welfare policies are influenced significantly by the political ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, and radicalism. Although these ideologies are relevant to all racial groups, they reflect

Triple Consciousness: The Reimagination of Black Female Identities in Contemporary American Culture

Abstract My article underscores the intermediate existence of black American women between race and gender by stressing the role white patriarchy and black hypermasculinity play in the

An Exoneration of Black Rage

The contemporary lexicon of black politics contains a litany of emotive reactions to the entrenched racism of American society. After the murder of nine African Americans in a church in Charleston,

The Revolution Will Not Be Theorized: Cultural Revolution in the Black Power Era

The study of the impact of Black Power Movement (BPM) activists and organizations in the 1960s through ‘70s has largely been confined to their role as proponents of social change; but they were also

Making Blackness, Making Policy

Too often the acknowledgment that race is a social construction ignores exactly how this construction occurs. By illuminating the way in which the category of blackness and black individuals are