Black Seminoles: The Gullah Connections

  title={Black Seminoles: The Gullah Connections},
  author={Alcione M. Amos},
  journal={The Black Scholar},
  pages={32 - 47}
  • A. M. Amos
  • Published 1 March 2011
  • Sociology
  • The Black Scholar
"T"'ns PAPER can be seen as an expiation exer.1. cise by the author for not having pursued the Gullah connections of the Black Seminoles in the book she co-edited in 1996, The Black Seminoles: Histary of a Freedom Seeking Peapk. At the time, while working to bring Dr. Kenneth W. Porter's massive manuscript under control for publication, she had only peripheral knowledge about the Gullah. She certainly knew that the language that the Black Seminoles spoke was a creole language and she mentioned… 
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