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Black-Scholes without stochastics or PDEs

  title={Black-Scholes without stochastics or PDEs},
  author={R J Martin},
We show how to derive the Black-Scholes model and its generalisation to the `exchange-option' (to exchange one asset for another) via the continuum limit of the Binomial tree. No knowledge of stochastic calculus or partial differential equations is assumed, as we do not use them. 

Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives

Contents: Introduction. Futures Markets and the Use of Futures for Hedging. Forward and Futures Prices. Interest Rate Futures. Swaps. Options Markets. Properties of Stock Option Prices. Trading

The Value of an Option to Exchange One Asset for Another

SOME COMMON FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS are equivalent to options to exchange one risky asset for another: the investment adviser's performance incentive fee, the general margin account, the exchange

Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time

The fourth edition of this textbook on pricing and hedging of financial derivatives, now also including dynamic equilibrium theory, continues to combine sound mathematical principles with economic