Black Monday in New York, Blue Tuesday in Tokyo: The October 1987 Crash in Japan

  title={Black Monday in New York, Blue Tuesday in Tokyo: The October 1987 Crash in Japan},
  author={Ulrike Schaede},
  journal={California Management Review},
  pages={39 - 57}
This article summarizes the events around the October 19, 1987, Japanese stock market decline. Although Tokyo suffered a "crash," it did not experience the same "panic" as New York, primarily because Tokyo had a more consistent institutional and regulatory structure and could rely on more patient investors. Tokyo can, with certain limitations, be taken as an example of how the "Brady Report" proposals would work in practice. Since Tokyo suffered a crash, if the Brady proposals are designed to… Expand
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With a similar legal background, the Toronto Stock Exchange introduced stock futures on a basket of 10 stocks (100 shares each) in 1983
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Big 4" are Nomura, Daiwa, Nikko, and Yamaichi Securities; their share of total trading volume at the TSE was more than 50% in the 1980s. 14. The fiscal year in Japan runs from April I through
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Computer-Assisted Order Routing System; the system does not change the trading rules