Black Islam in Diaspora: The Case of Nation of Islam (NOI) in Britain1

  title={Black Islam in Diaspora: The Case of Nation of Islam (NOI) in Britain1},
  author={Nuri Tinaz},
  journal={Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs},
  pages={151 - 170}
  • N. Tinaz
  • Published 1 August 2006
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs
Abstract This paper examines an ethno-religious movement, the Nation of Islam (NOI), which globally appeals to Black Diaspora. Despite being originally American, this movement has become a global ethno-religious movement due to its appeal to blacks worldwide. This paper aims to examine how the NOI's ethnic, racial, political, social and religious teachings appeal to Africans and Caribbeans beyond the borders of the USA in geographical areas such as the Caribbean, Canada, West Africa and Western… 
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