Black Holes in Magnetic Monopoles

  title={Black Holes in Magnetic Monopoles},
  author={K.Lee and V.P.Nair and Erick J.Weinberg},
We study magnetically charged classical solutions of a spontaneously broken gauge theory interacting with gravity. We show that nonsingular monopole solutions exist only if the Higgs vacuum expectation value $v$ is less than or equal to a critical value $v_{cr}$, which is of the order of the Planck mass. In the limiting case the monopole becomes a black hole, with the region outside the horizon described by the critical Reissner-Nordstrom solution. For $v<v_{cr}$, we find additional solutions… Expand
Magnetic black holes and monopoles in a nonminimal Einstein-Yang-Mills theory with a cosmological constant: Exact solutions
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The Abrikosov vortex in curved space
  • J. Albert
  • Physics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2021
Abstract We study the self-gravitating Abrikosov vortex in curved space with and with-out a (negative) cosmological constant, considering both singular and non-singular solutions with an eye toExpand
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Kerr–Newman–NUT–Kiselev black holes in Rastall theory of gravity and Kerr/CFT correspondence
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Skyrmions, Skyrme stars and black holes with Skyrme hair in five spacetime dimension
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Topological Aspects of Classical and Quantum Black Hole Hair
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