Black Hole Entropy from Loop Quantum Gravity.

  title={Black Hole Entropy from Loop Quantum Gravity.},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={77 16},
  • Rovelli
  • Published 30 March 1996
  • Physics
  • Physical review letters
We study the idea that the statistical entropy governing thermal interactions of a black hole with its exterior is determined by the microstates of the hole having distinct effects on the exterior, and over which a hole in a given macroscopic configuration thermally fluctuates. We argue that for a (macroscopically) Schwarzschild black hole this ensemble is formed by horizons with the same area. We compute the number of states in this ensemble from first principles using nonperturbative loop… 
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Microscopic state counting for a black hole in loop quantum gravity yields a result proportional to the horizon area, and inversely proportional to Newton's constant and the Immirzi parameter. It is
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Black hole entropy and other thermodynamical quantities can be consistently computed in both ensembles and results are in agreement with Hawking's semiclassical analysis for all values of the Immirzi parameter.
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The ability to manipulate and understand the spectrum up to the level of detail that is described in the paper is a crucial step towards obtaining the behavior of entropy in the asymptotic (large horizon area) regime.
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Loop Gravity provides a microscopic derivation of Black Hole entropy. In this paper, I show that the microstates counted admit a semiclassical description in terms of shapes of a tessellated horizon.
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Using the Unruh-Verlinde temperature obtained by the idea of entropy force, we directly calculated the partition functions of Boson field in Reissner-Nordström spacetime with quantum statistical


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The basics of the loop representation of quantum gravity are summarized and the main aspects of the formalism are described, including its latest developments, in a reorganized and consistent form.
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