Black Hole Deconstruction

  title={Black Hole Deconstruction},
  author={Davide Gaiotto and Andrew Strominger and Xi Yin},
A D4-D0 black hole can be deconstructed into a bound state of D0 branes with a D6-D̄6 pair containing worldvolume fluxes. The exact spacetime solution is known and resembles a D0 accretion disk surrounding a D6-D̄6 core. We find a scaling limit in which the disk and core drop inside an AdS2 throat. Crossing this AdS2 throat and the D0 accretion disk into the core, we find a second scaling region describing the D6-D̄6 pair. It is shown that the M-theory lift of this region is AdS3 ×S… CONTINUE READING