Black Feminist Studies: The Case of Anna Julia Cooper

  title={Black Feminist Studies: The Case of Anna Julia Cooper},
  author={Beverly Guy‐Sheftall},
  journal={African American Review},
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Anna Julia Cooper--feminist, human tights advocate, educational reformer ... teacher, lecturer, scholar, the author of essays, vignettes, and poems.--Louise Daniel Hutchinson, 1981 Black feminist studies, which emerged in the 1970s as a corrective to both black studies and women's studies, probes the silences, erasures, distortions, and complexities surrounding the experiences of peoples of African descent wherever they live. The early scholarship was comparable to the painstaking excavation… 
An Exemplar Woman Leader of Malawi, Africa: A Narrative Account of the Honorable Anne Mary Fletcher
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Resurgence of the Spirit: A Qualitative Study of African American Women's Experiences in Doctoral Study
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While applied sociology can take on many forms, it has been argued that public sociology is very much connected to the work of social movements. In this paper, I discuss my own scholar activism
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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Middle-Class African American Parents' Racial Socialization Parenting Behavior with Their 3 and 4-year-old Sons
All parents, whether they are aware of it or not, engage in racial socialization. For African American parents in the United States (U.S.), however, a degree of urgency exists that exceeds what is
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African-American Women and Work-Life Balance by Alisha Diane Powell MSW, University of Denver, 2012 BSW, Oakwood University, 2011 Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for


Tending to the Roots: Anna Julia Cooper's Sociopolitical Thought and Activism
Black women activists participating in racial uplift projects during the nineteenth century troubled the boundaries of race, space, nation, and time, creating new cognitive mappings of community.
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If the fifteenth century discovered America to the Old World, the nineteenth is discovering woman to herself.... Not the opportunity of discovering new worlds, but that of filling this old world with
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Anna Julia Cooper: “Dedicated in the Name of My Slave Mother to the Education of Colored Working People”
The achievements of Anna Julia Cooper are extraordinary given her life circumstances. Driven by a desire Cooper called “a thumping within,” she became a prominent educator, earned her Ph.D., and
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