Black-Burst-Based Quality-of-Service Routing (BBQR) for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

  title={Black-Burst-Based Quality-of-Service Routing (BBQR) for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks},
  author={Philipp Becker and Martin Birtel and Dennis Christmann and Reinhard Gotzhein},
  journal={2011 11th Annual International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems},
In this paper, we present Black-Burst-based Quality-of-Service Routing (BBQR), a novel QoS routing protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks. BBQR solves two core problems of QoS routing. First, there is the problem that concurrent route discoveries may fail due to mutual blocking of resources. BBQR avoids this problem by serializing route discoveries, using a… CONTINUE READING