Black Bodies on the Ground: Policing Disparities in the African American Community—An Analysis of Newsprint From January 1, 2015, Through December 31, 2015

  title={Black Bodies on the Ground: Policing Disparities in the African American Community—An Analysis of Newsprint From January 1, 2015, Through December 31, 2015},
  author={Michael A. Robinson},
  journal={Journal of Black Studies},
  pages={551 - 571}
This article tests the thesis that policing today is a consequence of its history with the Black community. The author provides a brief historical account of policing in America as it pertains to Blacks from slavery to the 21st century. An account of the role of the slave patrols and the various codes and laws enacted to control Blacks are also discussed. This research will examine the historical relationship between police and the Black community by taking a closer look at the killing of… Expand

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