Black, White, and a Whole Lot of Gray: How White Photojournalists Covered Race During the 2015 Protests at Mizzou

  title={Black, White, and a Whole Lot of Gray: How White Photojournalists Covered Race During the 2015 Protests at Mizzou},
  author={T. J. Thomson},
  journal={Visual Communication Quarterly},
  pages={223 - 233}
  • T. Thomson
  • Published 1 October 2016
  • Sociology
  • Visual Communication Quarterly
Most research on how the news media cover race focuses either on perspectives of journalists or on their subjects. Few comparative studies concurrently integrate the perspectives of both these groups and virtually none has done this from a visual standpoint. Using the 2015 race-related Mizzou protests as a case study, this research employs in-depth interviews with photojournalists and their subjects to explore (1) how past experience with people of color impacts photojournalism, (2) how… 

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