Blütenbildung von Pinguicula lusitanica in vitro durch Fütterung mit Pollen

  title={Bl{\"u}tenbildung von Pinguicula lusitanica in vitro durch F{\"u}tterung mit Pollen},
  author={Richard Harder and Inge Zemlin},
Plants of Pinguicula lusitanica were grown in individual Erlenmeyer flasks on an inorganic agar medium containing no nitrogen or phosphorus. After 8 weeks of culture, twenty of the plants were fed Pinus pollen 4 times over a period of 5 weeks. As a result of the feeding, the number of leaves as well as the diameters of the rosettes were increased. The leaves became turned a deeper green and aged more slowly. The most spectacular effect of the pollen feeding was an initiation of flowering. The… CONTINUE READING
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