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Biting knowledge of blackfly among students and workers of a Nigerian tertiary institution

  title={Biting knowledge of blackfly among students and workers of a Nigerian tertiary institution},
  author={Olufemi Moses Agbolade and Olusola M. Odutola and B. A. Idowu and Ndubuisi Chinweike Agu},
  journal={International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences},
This study assessed the knowledge of the role of blackfly in onchocerciasis transmission among the students and workers of a tertiary institution in Ogun State, southwestern Nigeria. One hundred and fifty (72 males, 78 females) volunteers were recruited for the study which occurred between July and September, 2009. Samples of the blackfly caught on the institution’s campus and preserved in a clean transparent unlabelled bottle containing 70% ethanol, and an unnamed coloured photograph of the… 

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