Biting behavior, aggression, and seizures.

  title={Biting behavior, aggression, and seizures.},
  author={Carlo Alberto Tassinari and Laura Tassi and Giovanna Calandra-Buonaura and Michelangelo Stanzani-Maserati and Nicola Fini and Fabio Pizza and Ivana Sartori and Roberto Michelucci and Giorgio Lo Russo and Stefano Meletti},
  volume={46 5},
PURPOSE To describe the semiologic features of aggressive behaviors observed in human epileptic seizures with particular reference to the act of biting a conspecific. METHODS We analyzed the biting behavior (BB) and other aggressive gestures occurring in a group of 11 patients retrospectively selected from >1,000 patients subjected to video-EEG/SEEG monitoring for presurgical evaluation of drug-resistant seizures. RESULTS Patients displaying BB showed (a) a male sex predominance, (b… CONTINUE READING


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