Bistranded oxidized purine damage clusters: induced in DNA by long-wavelength ultraviolet (290-400 nm) radiation?

  title={Bistranded oxidized purine damage clusters: induced in DNA by long-wavelength ultraviolet (290-400 nm) radiation?},
  author={J. Song and J. Milligan and B. Sutherland},
  volume={41 27},
Bistranded clustered DNA damages involving oxidized bases, abasic sites, and strand breaks are produced by ionizing radiation and radiomimetic drugs, but it was not known whether they can be formed by other agents, e.g., nonionizing radiation. UV radiation produces clusters of cyclobutyl pyrimidine dimers, photoproducts that occur individually in high yield. Since long-wavelength UV (290-400 nm) radiation induces oxidized bases, abasic sites, and strand breaks at low yields, we tested whether… Expand
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