Bistability in superconducting rings containing an inhomogeneous Josephson junction

  title={Bistability in superconducting rings containing an inhomogeneous Josephson junction},
  author={Markus Gaass and Stevan Nadj-Perge and Z. Radovi'c and Andreas Bauer and M. Aprili and Werner Wegscheider and Christoph Strunk},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We investigate the magnetic response of a superconducting Nb ring containing a ferromagnetic PdNi Josephson junction and a tunnel junction in parallel. Doubling of the switching frequency is observed within certain intervals of the external magnetic field. For sinusoidal current-phase relations in both junctions, our model of a double superconducting quantum interference device (a small two-junction loop that interrupts the larger ring) explains this feature by a sequence of current reversals… 

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Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect
Weak Superconductivity - Phenomenological Aspects. Microscopic Theory. Magnitude and Temperature Dependence of the Critical Current. ''Small'' Junctions in a Magnetic Field. Large Junctions - Static
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