Bismuthiol II as an analytical reagent

  title={Bismuthiol II as an analytical reagent},
  author={A. K. Majumdar and M. M. Chakrabartty},
  journal={Fresenius' Zeitschrift f{\"u}r analytische Chemie},
SummaryThe estimation of bismuth by the reagent Bismuthiol II is studied critically. The effect of acidity, reagent concentration and interfering ions are given in detail. The maximum acidity that may be tolerated for the complete precipitation of bismuth is 0.3 N in nitric acid, 0.5 N in hydrochloric acid and 1N in sulphuric acid. Higher acidity than 0.1 N decomposes the reagent present in excess. In 0.1 N nitric acid bismuth has been separated from a number of ions like Al3+, Cr3+, Th4+, rare… Expand
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