Bismarck and the Three Emperors' Alliance, 1881–87

  title={Bismarck and the Three Emperors' Alliance, 1881–87},
  author={William Norton Medlicott},
  journal={Transactions of the Royal Historical Society},
  pages={61 - 83}
  • W. N. Medlicott
  • Published 1 December 1945
  • History
  • Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
The Alliance of the Three Emperors was Bismarck's attempt to escape from a dilemma which had led him to a typical crisis of nerves and irritability during the early months of 1879. He had soon recognized after 1871 that the interests of the new Germany could no longer be served by war. Could he secure the isolation of the unforgiving French without embarrassing commitments to his friends and potential allies? The maintenance of friendly relations with, and between, Austria and Russia seemed to… 



The Saburov memoirs

    The fullest general study is still that of the late J. V. Fuller, Bismarck's diplomacy at its zenith (1922), especially chaps

      The Saburov memoirs

      • Cp. Skazkin, op. cit