author={Lawrence D. Steefel},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={74 - 95}
  • L. Steefel
  • Published 1 March 1930
  • History
  • The Journal of Modern History
EARLY in 1923, the late Friedrich Rachfahl published an article which he called "Die Umwalzung der neuesten Geschichtsschreibung durch die letzten Quellen der Bismarekzeit.''1 To illustrate the point, Rachfahl showed how the materials that had been published since the war had modified the picture of Bismarok's foreign policy after 1871 as it had been painted by Hans Plehn2 in a book finished in the last years of the war. AIost important of these new materials were the documents published in the… 


  • Michael Saman
  • History
    Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race
  • 2020
Abstract W. E. B. Du Bois’s engagement with the thought of Karl Marx forms an important aspect of his intellectual biography, yet its contours crystallize explicitly only late in his written work,

Crafting Counterrevolution: How Reactionaries Learned to Combat Change in 1848

This article examines a neglected topic, the imposition of counterrevolution. Whereas revolution can sweep across whole regions like a tsunami, reaction tends to advance gradually, country by


This paper is set out to study whether Germanys European politics can be confined into Kantian (liberal) or Bismarckian (realism) realm and to what extent these two traditions can shed light on the

We are all denizens now: on the erosion of citizenship

Abstract This article makes a contribution to the general theory of citizenship. It argues that there is a need for a supplementary concept of ‘denizenship’ to illustrate changes to and erosion of

Updating Marx ’ s Concept of Alternatives

The analysis of Marx’s works will be prepared by outlining a more encompassing research project of intergenerational dialogues, in section 1. Section 2 will review Marx’s concept of an alternative,

A Proposed Annex to the Wreck Removal Convention Treaty to Address Environmental Hazards of Sunken World War II Naval Vessels

The devastation of World War II continues today. Over 9,000 vessels were sunk in all of the world’s oceans, creating many potential threats. Hazards include oil spills, chemical releases, unexploded

Linguistic means expressing the category of evaluation in public political speech

  • A. YakovlevaS. PogorelovaY. Butina
  • Linguistics
    Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Practical Conference "The Individual and Society in the Modern Geopolitical Environment" (ISMGE 2019)
  • 2019
In our work we analyze the main linguistic means of expressing evaluative meaning in public political speeches of Otto von Bismarck. Linguistic problems of the evaluation category have been

Mechanochemical Synthesis of TiO2 Nanoparticles and Their Self-organization at Interfaces to Produce Emulsion-Templated Photocatalytic Porous Polymers

Mechanochemical synthesis methods are solid-state processes that constitute an alternative to those based on the use of liquid solvents. Mechanochemical methods have potential for industrial use as

Pensions and Pension Schemes

This chapter presents the main concepts and themes in the economics of pensions, including types of pensions and characteristics of alternative pension schemes. Other topics included are pension

Political Institutions: Democracy and Social Choice

272 paginas.-- Table of Contents: 1.Politics and Social Choice; 2.Who Can Vote; 3.How Votes are Counted; 4.What is Voted For; 5. Choosing Socially Effective Institutions.



The European Powers and the French Occupation of Tunis, 1878–1881, I

IT is neither possible nor necessary to enter here upon the story of the execution of the terms of the Treaty of Berlin. It will be remembered that almost every clause of the Balkan settlement caused

Grafen Hohenthal und Bergen aus den Jahren 1889-1892

  • Deutsche R¢ndschau
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Auf Grund der bayerischen Gesandschaftsberichte

  • Aus kritischen Tagen. Berichte des konigl. Sachsischen
  • 1921

20 Briefe aus dem Weimarer Staatsarchiv uber 1. die Entlassung; 2. die Reise nach Jena

  • Grenzboten, LXXXI (1922), Nos. 28 and

1923); also Bisslarok. Vertrauliche Gesprache q. a. qiber Wilhelm den Zwetten. Von seinem Anwalt Justizrat Ferdinand Philipp aufgezeichnet und aus dessen Nachlass herausgegeben

  • Pllilitp zu Eulenbllrg Hertefeld, Aus 50 Ja71ren. Erinnerunyen, Taye-Ivucher qtnd Briefe ax6s dem Nachlass
  • 1927

Bismareks Sturz uad die o,lfentliche Meitlu7lg in Detttschland und im Auslande

  • 1927

Historische Zeitsche if t

  • 1925

Nach neuen Quellen

  • Preqtssische Jahrbucher
  • 1921

Neues zur Orientpolitik des Grafen Andrassy 1876-77

  • Historische Blatter, I
  • 1921

Die Stellung Oesterreich-Ungarns in Bismaroks Bundnispolitik

  • Das deutsch-osterreichisch-xlngawtsche Bi4ndnis in Bistrnaroks Al4ssenpolitik
  • 1925