Birth of the universe from the landscape of string theory

  title={Birth of the universe from the landscape of string theory},
  author={Aza Kobakhidze and Laura Mersini-Houghton},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
  • Aza Kobakhidze, Laura Mersini-Houghton
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal C
  • We show that a unique, most probable and stable solution for the wavefunction of the universe, with a very small cosmological constant $\Lambda_1\simeq\big(\frac{\pi}{l_{p}N}\big)^2$, can be predicted from the supersymmetric minisuperspace with N vacua of the landscape of string theory without referring to the anthropic principle. Due to the nearest neighbor tunneling in moduli space lattice, the N-fold degeneracy of the vacua is lifted and a discrete spectrum of bound state levels over the… CONTINUE READING

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