Birth of a subaqueous barchan dune.

  title={Birth of a subaqueous barchan dune.},
  author={Carlos A. Alvarez and E. Franklin},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={96 6-1},
Barchan dunes are crescentic shape dunes with horns pointing downstream. The present paper reports the formation of subaqueous barchan dunes from initially conical heaps in a rectangular channel. Because the most unique feature of a barchan dune is its horns, we associate the time scale for the appearance of horns to the formation of a barchan dune. A granular heap initially conical was placed on the bottom wall of a closed conduit and it was entrained by a water flow in turbulent regime. After… Expand
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Experimental study on the formation of subaqueous barchan dunes in closed conduits
The present paper reports the formation of subaqueous barchan dunes by analyzing the temporal evolution of their main geometrical characteristics (width W, length L and horn lengths Lh). AfterExpand
Horns of subaqueous barchan dunes: A study at the grain scale.
Focusing on moving grains whose initial positions were on the horns, it is shown that their residence time and traveled distance are related following a quasilinear relation, which provides new insights into the physical mechanisms underlying the shape of barchan dunes. Expand
Role of Transverse Displacements in the Formation of Subaqueous Barchan Dunes.
Measurements of the growth of horns at the grain scale reveal the mechanism of horns formation revealed by the experiments contrasts with the general picture that barchan horns form from the advance of the lateral dune flanks due to the scaling of migration velocity with the inverse of dune size. Expand
Force distribution within a barchan dune
Barchan dunes, or simply barchans, are crescent-shaped dunes found in diverse environments such as the bottom of rivers, Earth’s deserts and the surface of Mars. In a recent paper [Phys. Rev. E 101,Expand
Velocity fields and particle trajectories for bed load over subaqueous barchan dunes
This paper presents an experimental investigation of moving grains over subaqueous barchan dunes that consisted of spherical glass beads of known granulometry. Prior to each test run, aExpand
Shape evolution of numerically obtained subaqueous barchan dunes.
The present paper reproduces numerically the shape evolution of barchans from their initiation until they have reached a stable shape, and computed the bed evolution by using the computational fluid dynamics-discrete element method with large eddy simulation for the same initial and boundary conditions of experiments. Expand
Experimental study on the stable morphology and self-attraction effect of subaqueous barchan dunes
Abstract The evolutionary process of isolated dunes under the action of a unidirectional steady water flow is recorded from a bottom-up visual angle by optical synchronization imaging measurements.Expand
A Comprehensive Picture for Binary Interactions of Subaqueous Barchans
We investigate experimentally the short-range interactions occurring between two subaqueous barchans. The experiments were conducted in a water channel of transparent material where controlled grainsExpand
Growth of barchan dunes of bidispersed granular mixtures
Barchans are dunes of crescentic shape found on Earth, Mars and other celestial bodies, growing usually on polydisperse granular beds. In this Letter, we investigate experimentally the growth ofExpand


The Physics of Blown Sand and Desert Dunes
LIEUT.–COLONEL BAGNOLD is well kno for his scientific publications on desert sands and dunes, and for a book describing his travels in the Egyptian and Libyan Deserts. The present book combines theseExpand
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