Birth and long-time stabilization of out-of-equilibrium coherent structures

  title={Birth and long-time stabilization of out-of-equilibrium coherent structures},
  author={Julien Barr{\'e} and Freddy Bouchet and Thierry Dauxois and Stefano Ruffo},
  journal={The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems},
  • J. Barré, F. Bouchet, S. Ruffo
  • Published 1 March 2002
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems
Abstract:We study an analytically tractable model with long-range interactions for which an out-of-equilibrium very long-lived coherent structure spontaneously appears. The dynamics of this model is indeed very peculiar: a bicluster forms at low energy and is stable for very long time, contrary to statistical mechanics predictions. We first explain the onset of the structure, by approximating the short time dynamics with a forced Burgers equation. The emergence of the bicluster is the signature… 

The Hamiltonian Mean Field Model: From Dynamics to Statistical Mechanics and Back

The thermodynamics and the dynamics of particle systems with infiniterange coupling display several unusual and new features with respect to systems with short-range interactions. The Hamiltonian

Quantum fluctuations inhibit symmetry breaking in the Hamiltonian mean-field model.

This work studies the influence of quantum fluctuations by projecting the Hamiltonian onto the continuous subspace of symmetry-breaking mean-field states and finds that the energetic cost of gradients in the center-of-mass wave function inhibits the breaking of the O(2) symmetry, but that the energy cost is very small, scaling as O(1/N^{2}.

Balancing long-range interactions and quantum pressure: Solitons in the Hamiltonian mean-field model.

The quantum version of the HMF model in one dimension is considered and a classification of all possible stationary solutions of its generalized Gross-Pitaevskii equation (GGPE), which is both nonlinear and nonlocal is provided.

Violent relaxation in quantum fluids with long-range interactions.

It is found that singular caustics that form during violent relaxation are regulated by interference effects in a universal way described by Thom's catastrophe theory applied to waves and this leads to emergent length scales and timescales not present in the classical problem.

Long-range interacting pendula: A simple model for understanding complex dynamics of charged particles in an electronic curtain device

In this paper, we investigate the equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of a model that shares several important characteristics with charged particles interacting in an Electric Curtain (EC)

Relaxation and quasi-stationary states in systems with long-range interactions

BENETTI, F. P. C. Relaxation and quasi-stationary states in systems with longrange interactions Thesis (Doctorate) Physics Institute, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, 2016.

Dynamique hamiltonienne et phénomènes de relaxation: d'un modèle champ moyen au confinement magnétique

Dans cette these, nous commencons par etudier un modele hamiltonien a champ moyen, dont les proprietes statistiques d'equilibre sont exactement solubles, et permettent en outre de predire le



Clustering and relaxation in Hamiltonian long-range dynamics.

  • AntoniRuffo
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 1995
A two-cluster drifting state with zero magnetization forms spontaneously at very small temperatures; at larger temperatures an initial density modulation produces this state, which relaxes very slowly, which suggests the possibility of exciting magnetized states in a mean-field antiferromagnetic system.

Etude dynamique et statistique de l'interaction onde-particule

On s'interesse d'abord au chaos, via le plus grand exposant de lyapunov l, associe a la dynamique unidimensionnelle de n particules interagissant via des forces a longue portee. Pour un tel

Thermodynamic Stability of Modified Konishi-Kaneko System

The Konishi-Kaneko system is modified to a continuous time system. The system has clustered equilibrium states as well as uniform equilibrium states for 1/T > 4π/kM, where k is a coupling constant

The large-scale structure of the universe: Turbulence, intermittency, structures in a self-gravitating medium

The density distribution arising at the nonlinear stage of gravitational instability is similar to intermittency phenomena in acoustic turbulence. Initially small-amplitude density fluctuations of

Kinetics of a one‐dimensional granular medium in the quasielastic limit

The dynamics of a one‐dimensional granular medium has a finite time singularity if the number of particles in the medium is greater than a certain critical value. The singularity (‘‘inelastic

Explicit reduction of N-body dynamics to self-consistent particle–wave interaction

The one-dimensional (1-D) spatially periodic system of N classical particles, interacting via a Coulomb-like repulsive long-range force, is studied using classical mechanics. The usual Bohm–Gross

Averaging over fast gravity waves for geophysical flows with arbitrary potential vorticity

Here a mathematically rigorous framework is developed for deriving new reduced simplified dynamical equations for geophysical flows with arbitrary potential vorticity interacting with fast gravity

Large Scale Dynamics of Interacting Particles

Scales.- Outline.- I Classical Particles.- 1. Dynamics.- 1.1 Newtonian Dynamics.- 1.2 Boundary Conditions.- 1.3 Dynamics of Infinitely Many Particles.- 2. States of Equilibrium and Local