Bird Wings Really Are Like Dinosaurs' Hands

  title={Bird Wings Really Are Like Dinosaurs' Hands},
  author={Elizabeth Pennisi},
  pages={194 - 194}
  • E. Pennisi
  • Published 14 January 2005
  • Biology, Education
  • Science
Molecular studies have smoothed a wrinkle in the assumption that modern birds had dinosaur ancestors: Researchers have concluded that the three digits in bird wings correspond to the three digits in dinosaurs9 forelimbs. 

The eloquent ape: genes, brains and the evolution of language

It is argued that language should be viewed not as a wholesale innovation, but as a complex reconfiguration of ancestral systems that have been adapted in evolutionarily novel ways.

Biomechanics of Dromaeosaurid Dinosaur Claws: Application of X‐Ray Microtomography, Nanoindentation, and Finite Element Analysis

Generation of a 3D stress/strain contour map of a Velociraptor manual ungual has allowed us to evaluate quantitatively the mechanical behavior of a dromaeosaurid claw for the first time.

Finalism in Darwinian and Lamarckian Evolution: Lessons from Epigenetics and Developmental Biology

How epigenetics and developmental biology can help integrate two important ways in which the environment affects evolution: through inducing or through restricting the emergence of new phenotypes is discussed.

Biomechanics of dromaeosaurid claws: Application of x-ray micro-tomography, nanoindentation and finite element analysis.

The resultant FEM confirms that dromaeosaurid claws were well-adapted for climbing as they would have been resistant to forces acting in a single (longitudinal) plane, in this case due to gravity.