Bird Survey in Chuja Island, Cheju-Do, Korea

  title={Bird Survey in Chuja Island, Cheju-Do, Korea},
  author={Pyong-Oh Won},
The author made bird survey on the Chuja Islands of Cheju-Do, during the period August 4-11, 1969. The islands are situated on 33, 57N, 126, 20E, between the southwestern end of the mainland and Cheju-Do (Quelpart) Island in Korea. The Chuja Islands consist of three major islands inhabited i. e. Upper Chuja, Lower Chuja and Hoeng'gan-Do, and 35 small islands, most of which are uninhabited. Sasu-Do Island, 33, 54N, 126, 38E, the southeasternmost tip of Chuja Islands, is a small volcanic island… CONTINUE READING