Bird Predation By Praying Mantises: A Global Perspective

  title={Bird Predation By Praying Mantises: A Global Perspective},
  author={M. Nyffeler and M. R. Maxwell and J. Remsen},
  journal={The Wilson Journal of Ornithology},
  pages={331 - 344}
  • M. Nyffeler, M. R. Maxwell, J. Remsen
  • Published 2017
  • Biology
  • The Wilson Journal of Ornithology
  • ABSTRACT We review 147 incidents of the capture of small birds by mantids (order Mantodea, family Mantidae). This has been documented in 13 different countries, on all continents except Antarctica. We found records of predation on birds by 12 mantid species (in the genera Coptopteryx, Hierodula, Mantis, Miomantis, Polyspilota, Sphodromantis, Stagmatoptera, Stagmomantis, and Tenodera). Small birds in the orders Apodiformes and Passeriformes, representing 24 identified species from 14 families… CONTINUE READING
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