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Bir Stratejik Yönetim Modeli Olarak Balanced Scorecard

  title={Bir Stratejik Y{\"o}netim Modeli Olarak Balanced Scorecard},
  author={M. G{\"u}ner},
Geleneksel muhasebe tabanli performans olcme yontemleri sadece gecmise yonelik bilgiler sunmasi, kisa doneme fazla odaklanmasi ve cok ozet bilgiler icermesinden dolayi uzun zamandir elestirilmekte ve yetersiz bulunmaktadir. Kaplan ve Norton, Balanced Scorecard yontemini performans olcme ve stratejik yonetim yazininda yeni ve sistemli bir yaklasim olarak tanitmaktadirlar. Balanced Scorecard yoneticilere isletme misyonunun, vizyonunun ve stratejisinin, finansal ve finansal olmayan performans… Expand
Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard; alanyazinda cogunlukla performans yonetim sistemlerinden Kurumsal Performans veya Dengeli Kurum Karnesi olarak ifade edilmektedir. Orgutlerin, stratejik planlamalari cercevesindeExpand
Measuring the Performance of Retailer Firms Listed in BIST under the Balanced Scorecard Perspective by Using Interval Valued Pythagorean Fuzzy AHP Based Pythagorean Fuzzy TODIM Methodology
While economic loyalty sub criterion was found as the most important one, participation in management was acquired as the least important one after applying interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy AHP, and Firm F was ranked as themost successful firm according to decision makers under balanced scorecard performance criteria. Expand
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Project Selection Method Based on Balanced Scorecard Framework
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Using the balanced scorecard as a strategic management system
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Transforming the Balanced Scorecard from Performance Measurement to Strategic Management: Part II
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