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Bir Bibliyografya Denemesi: Şah Veliyyullah ed-Dihlevî'yi Konu Alan Çalişmalar

  title={Bir Bibliyografya Denemesi: Şah Veliyyullah ed-Dihlev{\^i}'yi Konu Alan Çalişmalar},
  author={Ahmet Aydın},
Shah Waliullah al-Dihlawi (d. 1762) who was famious face of the 18th century revival (tajded) movements of the Indian sub-continent have been the subject of a large number of different scientific research. This study aims to attempt to develop a bibliography of the litterateur which has been written about him. Also in this study will be focused on the historical course of research and endeavored to determine the basic approach of works in question 


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Abstratc Because of his religious and social studies, Dihlawi is regarded as a leading scholar in his period. Even he is considered as the reformist or mujaddid. Throughout his life, his religious
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Some religious and political aspects of the thought of Shah Wali Allah of Delhi /1703/1762/
Some religious and political aspects of the thought of Shah Wali Allah of Delhi /1703/1762/
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