Bipolar planetary nebulae from common-envelope evolution of binary stars

  title={Bipolar planetary nebulae from common-envelope evolution of binary stars},
  author={P. A. Ondratschek and Friedrich K. Roepke and Fabian R. N. Schneider and Christian Fendt and Christian Sand and Sebastian T. Ohlmann and R{\"u}ediger Pakmor and Volker Springel},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Asymmetric shapes and evidence for binary central stars suggest a common-envelope origin for many bipolar planetary nebulae. The bipolar components of the nebulae are observed to expand faster than the rest, and the more slowly expanding material has been associated with the bulk of the envelope ejected during the common-envelope phase of a stellar binary system. Common-envelope evolution in general remains one of the biggest uncertainties in binary star evolution, and the origin of the fast… 


Bipolar planetary nebulae from common envelope evolution of binary stars García-Segura
  • J. 2005,
  • 2020
The Importance of Binaries in the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae
Structure and Evolution of Close Binary Systems