Bipolar or unipolar? - the question for clinicians and researchers.

  title={Bipolar or unipolar? - the question for clinicians and researchers.},
  author={Andrzej Kiejna and Joanna Rymaszewska and Tomasz Hadryś and Aleksandra Suwalska and Dorota Łojko and Janusz K Rybakowski},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={93 1-3},
BACKGROUND Correct diagnosis and criteria of affective disorders is always a subject of interest to researchers and practitioners. METHODS The study aimed at assessing frequency of various traits and symptoms of bipolar affective disorders (BP-I, BP-II, BP-S spectrum) in patients (n=246) treated for recurrent affective disorders (unipolar-UP). The analysis was based on criteria of affective disorders of Ghaemi et al. and Hirschfeld's Mood Disorders Questionnaire. RESULTS UP was confirmed in… CONTINUE READING

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