Bipolar modulation of millennial-scale West African monsoon variability during the last glacial (75,000e25,000 years ago)

  title={Bipolar modulation of millennial-scale West African monsoon variability during the last glacial (75,000e25,000 years ago)},
  author={Syee Weldeab},
Time series of planktonic foraminiferal d18O and Ba/Ca-based sea surface salinity (SSS) estimates from the eastern Gulf of Guinea (eastern equatorial Atlantic) indicate changes in runoff that reflect variability of spatially integrated precipitation over the equatorial West African monsoon area. Millennial-scale and recurring runoff-induced SSS rises and declines in the range of 1.5 and 2 psu (practical salinity unit) reveal rapid oscillation between dry and wet phases. The timing of decreased… CONTINUE READING
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