Bipolar disorder: I. Temperament and character.

  title={Bipolar disorder: I. Temperament and character.},
  author={Christer Engstr{\"o}m and Sven Br{\"a}ndstr{\"o}m and S{\"o}ren Sigvardsson and Robert Cloninger and P. E. A. Nylander},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={82 1},
BACKGROUND The nature of the relationship between personality and bipolar affective disorders is an important but unanswered question. METHODS We have studied personality in bipolar patients by using the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI). TCI were administered to 100 euthymic bipolar patients and 100 controls from the normal population. RESULTS Bipolar patients were significantly higher in harm avoidance (HA) and lower in reward dependence (RD), self-directedness (SD), and… CONTINUE READING

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