Biphenotypic acute leukemia: a case report.

  title={Biphenotypic acute leukemia: a case report.},
  author={Alessandra Zucchini and Pier Paolo Fattori and Francesco Lanza and Luisa Micelli Ferrari and Laura Bagli and Manuela Imola and Alberto Ravaioli and Stefano Papa},
  journal={Journal of biological regulators and homeostatic agents},
  volume={18 3-4},
We describe an uncommon case of acute leukemia in which leukemic blasts expressed myeloid antigens and cyCD79alpha molecule. In this 49-year old male patient, two distinct blast populations were detected in peripheral blood and bone marrow samples: one of small size resembling lymphoblasts and another with pink cytoplasmic granules resembling myeloblasts. Cytochemical reaction for myeloperoxidase was negative in both cell types. Conventional cytogenetic analysis showed a normal karyotype (46 XY… CONTINUE READING