Biotransformation of norcocaine to norcocaine nitroxide by rat brain microsomes

  title={Biotransformation of norcocaine to norcocaine nitroxide by rat brain microsomes},
  author={Michelle W. Kloss and Gerald Rosen and Elmer J. Rauckman},
In the mid1970's, norcocaine was identified as a metabolite of cocaine in rat brain tissue. We extend these studies by demonstrating that rat brain FAD-containing monooxygenase metabolizes norcocaine to N-hydroxynorcocaine. This hydroxylamine is then further oxidized to the nitroxyl free radical norcocaine nitroxide by rat brain cytochrome P-450. Brain microsomal reduction of norcocaine nitroxide leads to the generation of superoxide. Finally, incubation of rat brain microsomes with either N… CONTINUE READING
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