Biotransformation of limonene by bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and plants

  title={Biotransformation of limonene by bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and plants},
  author={Wouter A. Duetz and Harro Bouwmeester and Jan B. van Beilen and Bernard Witholt},
  journal={Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology},
The past 5 years have seen significant progress in the field of limonene biotransformation, especially with regard to the regiospecificity of microbial biocatalysts. Whereas earlier only regiospecific biocatalysts for the 1,2 position (limonene-1,2-diol) and the 8-position (α-terpineol) were available, recent reports describe microbial biocatalysts specifically hydroxylating the 3-position (isopiperitenol), 6-position (carveol and carvone), and 7-position (perillyl alcohol, perillylaaldehyde… CONTINUE READING