Biotransformation of dopamine to norlaudanosoline by Aspergillus niger

  title={Biotransformation of dopamine to norlaudanosoline by Aspergillus niger},
  author={L. K. Hoover and M. Moo-young and R. Legge},
  journal={Biotechnology and Bioengineering},
Norlaundanosoline is a key intermediate in the synthesis of the benzylisoquinoline alkaloids providing the upper isoquinoline portion of the morphinan skeleton. This study evaluates the feasibility of using Aspergillus niger as an in situ biotransformation system to produce norlaudanosoline from dopamine. A. niger was chosen because monoamine oxidase can be readily induced in this organism. Monoamine oxidase catalyzes the conversion of dopamine to 3,4‐dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde. In the… Expand
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