Biotransformation of cadina-4,10(15)-dien-3-one and 3alpha-hydroxycadina-4,10(15)-diene by Curvularia lunata ATCC 12017.


Cadina-4,10(15)-dien-3-one (1) was metabolised by Curvularia lunata ATCC 12017 in two different growth media to give three metabolites, one of which, 12-hydroxycadina-4,10(15)-dien-3-one (4), was new. Incubation of 3alpha-hydroxycadina-4,10(15)-diene (2) with the fungus produced three new analogues, namely, (4S)-1alpha,3alpha-dihydroxycadin-10(15)-ene (5… (More)


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