Biotransformation by plant cells immobilized in cross-linked polyacrylamide-hydrazide.


Plant cells were entrapped by mixing suspended MENTHA cells with linear, water soluble polyacrylamide-hydrazide chains followed by the stoichiometric addition of glyoxal as the cross linking agent (PAAH-G entrapment). In parallel, some cells were entrapped in calcium-alginate beads, as previously described. The capability of both immobilized cell systems to… (More)


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@article{Galun1983BiotransformationBP, title={Biotransformation by plant cells immobilized in cross-linked polyacrylamide-hydrazide.}, author={Eithan Galun and Daniel H Aviv and Ada Dantes and Alexander J Freeman}, journal={Planta medica}, year={1983}, volume={49 9}, pages={9-13} }