Biotoxicity of Cry1Ab protein on wolf spider Pardosa pseudoannulata.


In this research, we carried out a tritrophic bioassay to assess the potential effect of Cry1Ab-expressing rice on the foraging behavior of the common wolf spider Pardosa pseudoannulata and its underlying molecular mechanism. Results indicated the Bt-containing spiders expressed a higher foraging range when compared to controls. The high throughput de novo… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s10646-017-1858-4


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@article{Wang2017BiotoxicityOC, title={Biotoxicity of Cry1Ab protein on wolf spider Pardosa pseudoannulata.}, author={Juan Chi Wang and Yuande Peng and Huilin Yang and Zhenzhen Yan and Qinjin Li and Yixue Shi and Chunliang Xie and Yunshan Liang and Zhi Wang and Qisheng Song}, journal={Ecotoxicology}, year={2017}, volume={26 10}, pages={1336-1343} }