Biotin staining in the giant fiber systems of the lobster.

  title={Biotin staining in the giant fiber systems of the lobster.},
  author={Pony M C Ma},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={341 4},
  • Pony M C Ma
  • Published 1994 in The Journal of comparative neurology
The avidin-biotin-complex method is a popular immunocytochemical technique. This method labels consistently a group of neurons in the lobster ventral nerve cord in the absence of primary antibodies. The specific staining is due to a relatively high level of endogenous biotin (or biocytin) in these neurons. These biotin-positive neurons are located in the supraesophageal, thoracic, and abdominal ganglia. Intraaxonal injection of Lucifer yellow followed by Texas red-conjugated streptavidin… CONTINUE READING