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Biothermoeconomics analysis of cyanobacteria and microalga use for sustainable biofuel

  title={Biothermoeconomics analysis of cyanobacteria and microalga use for sustainable biofuel},
  author={Umberto Lucia and Giulia Grisolia},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
Exergy is a thermodynamic quantity useful to obtain information on the work from any process. The analyses of irreversibility are important in the designing and development of the productive processes for the economic growth, but they play a fundamental role also in the analysis of socio-economic context. The link between the wasted exergy and the energy cost for maintain the productive processes are obtained in the bioengineering thermodynamics. This link holds to the fundamental role of… 

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Microalgae as biodiesel & biomass feedstocks: Review & analysis of the biochemistry, energetics & economics

The main conclusions are that the biochemical composition of the biomass influences the economics, in particular, increased lipid content reduces other valuable compounds in the biomass; the “biofuel only” option is unlikely to be economically viable; and among the hardest problems in assessing the economics are the cost of the CO2 supply and uncertain nature of downstream processing.

Beneficial Biofuels—The Food, Energy, and Environment Trilemma

Exploiting multiple feedstocks, under new policies and accounting rules, to balance biofuel production, food security, and greenhouse-gas reduction and to accept the undesirable impacts of biofuels done wrong.

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The integration of agroenergy crops and biorefinery manufacturing technologies offers the potential for the development of sustainable biopower and biomaterials that will lead to a new manufacturing paradigm.

A Simple Thermodynamic Analysis of Photosynthesis

A comparative study of nine photosynthetic pathways by means of their thermodynamic performance using the thermal efficiency of light-to-chemical energy conversion and the so-called ecological criterion arising from finite-time thermodynamics leads to photosynthesis made by metaphytes and non sulfur purple bacteria as those of best thermodynamics performance.

Irreversibility in biophysical and biochemical engineering

Entropy and exergy in irreversible renewable energy systems

  • U. Lucia
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
  • 2013