Biot’s Paper and Arago’s Plates

  title={Biot’s Paper and Arago’s Plates},
  author={Theresa Levitt},
  pages={456 - 476}
François Arago and Jean‐Baptiste Biot, two of the physicists most involved in early photography, mobilized this new technology for their ongoing debates about the proper boundaries of the public in France. Each threw his weight behind one of the competing photographic processes, Arago supporting daguerrian silver plates and Biot favoring paper soaked in silver solution. For both men, disagreement at the level of materials and techniques was further bound up with disagreement about what kind of… Expand
Superpositions: Ludwig Mach and Étienne-Jules Marey’s studies in streamline photography
Abstract In the 1890s Ludwig Mach (the first-born son of Ernst Mach) employed photography for visualizing streamlines in the emerging field of aerodynamic research. Etienne-Jules Marey developed aExpand
The daguerreotype’s first frame: François Arago’s moral economy of instruments
Abstract This paper examines the meanings of the daguerreotype for the astronomer and physicist who introduced it to the world, Francois Arago. The regime of knowledge production which held sway atExpand
Early Astronomical Sequential Photography, 1873-1923
In 1873 Jules Janssen conceived the first automatic sequential photographic apparatus to observe the eagerly anticipated 1874 transit of Venus. This device, the ‘photographic revolver’, is commonlyExpand
An investigation of the relationship between the material and illusionary aspects of the photograph
This project is an investigation of the relationship between the image of a photograph and the paper on which it is printed. It addresses transmission and reception caused by the interconnectionExpand
Technology and Transparency as Realist Narrative
Since the early 1990s, high-resolution satellite imagery and imagery data, made by a vast system of architectures that were formally developed and monopolized by the U.S. military—industrial commandExpand
Le soleil comme laboratoire des pratiques scientifiques
Cette these analyse la maniere dont l'emergence d'un nouvel objet de science, le Soleil, entraine une reorganisation des champs disciplinaires ainsi que la transformation des pratiques scientifiquesExpand
Jean-Baptiste Biot collaborateur du Mercure de France : Vulgarisation et analyse philosophique des sciences
Entre 1809 et 1815, Jean-Baptiste Biot redigea dans le Mercure de France des essais et comptes-rendus sur des ouvrages et des activites scientifiques qui contribuerent a la genese de certainsExpand


'Stars should henceforth register themselves': astrophotography at the early Lick Observatory
According to articles and books published at the end of the nineteenth century, the introduction of photography to astronomy was one of the most notable events in the discipline in a period chockExpand
The Social Event of the Season: Solar Eclipse Expeditions and Victorian Culture
Entre 1860 et 1914, plusieurs expeditions ont ete realisees par les astronomes britanniques pour etudier l'eclipse du soleil en Inde. Analyse des planifications de telles expeditions dans le contexteExpand
Where Experiments End: Tabletop Trials in Victorian Astronomy
  • Images of the Sun: De La Rue, Airy, and Celestial Photography
  • 1993
no author listed, but it claims to reproduce a speech by Arago). Astronomical photography has received particular attention from historians of science
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Photography and the Nineteenth-Century Transits of Venus
  • Technology and Culture
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Observations sur les expériences de MM . Foucault et Fizeau relatives à l ’ action des rayons rouges sur les plaques daguerriennes
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Sur le pouvoir de la radiation atmosphérique comme agent chimique
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