Biosynthetic origin and receptor conformation of methionine enkephalin

  title={Biosynthetic origin and receptor conformation of methionine enkephalin},
  author={Alan F Bradbury and Derek G. Smyth and Christopher R. Snell},
RECENT reports have shown that the brain contains an endogenous peptide with opiate-like activity1–3 and similar peptides have been found in the pituitary4,5,13. One of the brain peptides, known as methionine enkephalin, was identified as a pentapeptide Tyr–Gly–Gly–Phe–Met6, and evidence was presented that a minor component may have leucine in place of methionine. The principal sequence is identical to that at the NH2-terminus of lipotropin C fragment, a peptide discovered in substantial… CONTINUE READING

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