Biosynthesis of bile acids in mammalian liver

  title={Biosynthesis of bile acids in mammalian liver},
  author={Slavko Kevre{\vs}an and Ksenija N. Kuhajda and Julijan Kandra{\vc} and John Paul Fawcett and Momir Mikov},
  journal={European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics},
The biosynthesis of bile acids in mammalian liver and its regulation, together with the physiological role of bile acids, are reviewed in this article. Bile acids are biosynthesized from cholesterol in hepatocytes. Several steps are involved including epimerisation of the 3β-hydroxyl group, reduction of the Δ4 double bond to the 5β-H structural arrangement, introduction of α-hydroxyl groups at C7 or C7 and C12 and, finally, oxidative degradation of the side chain by three carbon atoms. This… CONTINUE READING
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